Meet our team of highly experienced and skilled professionals who are well-adept to deal with various projects of any size for providing smart, functional and green ventilation solutions. We cater to residential, commercial and industrial sectors taking care of all the phases of a project as a renowned ventilation product and service provider.


A greener tomorrow with every space getting properly ventilated capped with a complete carbon management plan will no longer remain a figment of imagination, but a reality! We say ‘YES’ to change and challenge!

We, at Airovient, are committed towards providing the world’s most innovative ventilation solutions and create a safer, healthier life for everyone as an established leader in the industry. We are motivated To continue improving our performance in every area of our business. And, above all, "To be the best and nothing less.” is what keeps us on our toes!

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1.No chunky designs of ventilation systems, no elaborate engineered process straining the budget of clients, but smart, cost-effective, green solutions is what we vouch for!

2.To encourage the growth and personal development of our employees through Rewards and Recognition programs, motivating them to offer their best. The core values that we are steeped in are Commitment, Consistence, Positivity, Optimism and Transparency.

3.To grab every opportunity that comes our way and explore, experiment varied options for increasing business efficiency in order to continuously generate preferences over substitutes, and demands in every market we penetrate!

4.To create an exciting environment in the distribution networks, offering full and consistent support to encourage the sales volume.

5.To ensure our quality of products is always above customers' expectations and we strive for complete customer satisfaction.

6.To increase brand awareness and educate, inform about the usage of our products, for catering to the needs of our customers with bespoke products.

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We blend plans of a greener tomorrow by coming up with functional, streamlined, energy-efficient ideas for our various ventilation products and systems and shoot it through our veins so that our products and services reflect our philosophy…

Our entire team pays special attention to developing ventilation products and systems with proven technology at an affordable price coupled with excellent customer service and technical support. Together with strict adherence to our Principals, along with our network of distributors, we aim to provide globally competitive products with local service.

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Our Commitment

Confidence and Reliability
With the company’s bankable reputation and commitment to excellence in quality, customers can rely on our products. We have worked with so many big names and it is their unflinching confidence, which have always motivated us to be better than the best.

Value for Money
Our products are built ensuring highest quality for long term usage and life-span. When our clients put in their money, we ensure that they feel good about the investment that they make!

In addition to the UKAS, EN, CE Marking, AMCA and ISO certifications and approvals of our principal company's products, parts and components exceeding the minimum standards and requirements set in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. Airovient is in the process of obtaining ISO and AMCA certifications.

Dependability and Durability
With the strong emphasis on quality demonstrated by the stringent tests conducted on each product, customers can be assured of their reliability and resilience.

Consistency in Quality
Strict quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing process ensure that customers are always offered products of the same high quality and standard.

Prompt Delivery
Our strategic and extensive distribution network guarantees that the products are always delivered to local and overseas customers on time. We hate to miss deadlines.

Training and Technical Support
Backed by the company's in-depth expertise and experience, customers receive the best in technical support services and benefit from the comprehensive training programs.

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